Angely is a tech-transfer startup that brings technology from space down to the civilian security markets, with a vision to make all public spaces safe.

With mass shootings skyrocketing worldwide, existing solutions to secure public spaces require streamlining in procedures at large invasive. Angely sets out to market a solution that tracks concealed weapons at a distance, allowing free traffic flow, by fusing space-derived magnetic technologies and neural-network processed image data.

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The core of Angely's technology relies on methods and systems originally developed for the domain of spacecraft electromagnetic cleanliness . The domain's strict standards have armed us with cutting-edge technology for measuring and modelling magnetic fields, enabling us the detection of even small objects of ferromagnetic materials, such as concealed weapons. Angely’s team holds over 10y of experience in space magnetics.

Health and privacy

Angely is committed to upholding our fundamental rights. Our solution is completely passive and safe while at the same time eradicates the need for physical, invasive body-searches.


While traditional security systems and processes are applicable to critical infrastructure and places with controlled traffic, open spaces are difficult to secure. Angely’s solution can secure any open space from concealed weapons with no alteration to their traffic flow and thus utility.